Project Hifi Highlight

#HiFiLights: 54 New Streetlights, One Work of Art

We're showcasing the creative and cultural contributions of our city's Filipino community with decorative new streetlights that will line Temple Street in the heart of Historic Filipinotown!

The Project HiFi Highlight contest asked artists to submit three designs per submission evoking the following Filipino values: "kapwa" meaning shared humanity and togetherness, "lakbay" meaning journey and travel, and "kapayapaan" meaning peace and harmony.

Thanks to your input, we have a winner! Congratulations Roel Punzalan!

Roel Punzalan:

My design proposal aims to incorporate the three core concepts of the project, the inclusive experience and nature of Filipino culture, and the ethnic diversity of Historic Filipinotown. The designs anthropomorphize three symbols with the idea that the human figure is the fundamental building block to achieve each of the core values.

Roel Punzalan